GNCTR 2020


mailboggs logo

Excited to be hosting the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race in our hometown city of Toronto, we showcased our best work so far. Our Mailboggs theme was a great hit, with a popular Tech Ex display as well as unique costumes that tied our team together. On the Snow Valley tubing hill, we flew down the hill exceeding a record breaking speed of 70 km/hr and were crowned as King of the Hill. That same day we were announced as 1st Place Overall of the Competition for our top performance on and off the hill.

Competition Team

Anastasia Papadimitriou
Andrew Zhang
Armin Kusmic
Aseer Chowdhury
Bobby Graydon
Cacia Ploeg
Caroline Simons
Daniel Murcia
Dawit Yoseph
Devlen Malone
Elisabeth Gagnon
Emiko Marr
Georgia Collins
John Peri
Karen Ng
Kat Sheppard
Kevin Dryden
Leah McLeod-Demers
Liam Marengere
Lindsay Wells
Mark McCutcheon
Melanie Zed
Michael Lizzi
Nathaniel Rzepka
Robert Peri
Sophie Ordman
TJ Price

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