GNCTR 2019

Neanderbogg: 10,000 Before Concrete


The widely anticipated race day took place at Sunridge Ski Hill. Despite the freezing -40°C weather, we were excited to showcase and race our toboggan. We experienced some issues with the skis in our first race, but were able to make some quick fixes that allowed us to compete in all four runs. At the end of the day, the team finished 4th in the tournament style King of the Hill competition. At closing ceremonies, the team accepted 7 awards.

Competition Team

Alex Dowling
Anastasia Papadimitriou
Aseer Chowdhury
Benjamin Morehead
Bobby Graydon
Brianna Bredin
Cacia Ploeg
Caroline Simons
Georgia Collins
Hamza Hamdan
Issy Williams
Jeff Dryden
Jimmy Bartha
John Peri
Kally Van Mulligen
Karen Ng
Kat Sheppard
Kevin Dryden
Leah McLeod-Demers
Maria Papadimitriou
Mark McCutcheon
Melissa Lau
Michael Lizzi
Nathaniel Rzepka
Pooja Perinpanathan
Robyn McNeil
Sophie Ordman
Stephen Gidge
TJ Price
Will Ferrie

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