GNCTR 2017



In 2017, U of T travelled to Winnipeg and chose the disco era as their theme because of the era’s infectious dance moves and high energy. The team had several disco themed aspects, including a disco club Tech Ex complete with an LED light-up dance floor.

The theme was incorporated into the toboggan using an extensive paint job, made possible by having a fully enclosed shell. The nose of the toboggan has the appearance of a disco ball, while the tail end resembles a rainbow.

Competition Team Members

Aidan Solala
Alex Dowling
Benjamin Rubinoff
Brianna Bredin
Cameron Whittle
Caroline Simons
Cory Sulpizi
Devlen Malone
Dmytri Kazymyrov
Elizabeth White
Gabriel Wolofsky
Issy Williams
Jeff Dryden
Joey De Paola
John Sweeney
Karan Shukla
Karen Ng
Katherine Pryszlak
Kyle Tang
Mackenzie Clark
Melissa Lau
Natalia Sydorenko
Ozan Coskun
Paul Zhou
Robyn McNeil
Simon Andre
Sophie Ordman
Stephen Gidge
Trevor Gauthier
Wei Synn Chai

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