GNCTR 2021


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In the winter of 2021, we competed in the first ever online Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race due to Covid-19. Despite the challenges of not being able to meet in person or fabricate the toboggan, the team created an outstanding design, winning us 2nd place in Overall Toboggan Design. Our Bogglympics theme was showcased through a “Tech-in-the-box” and a handmade basketball uniform for our penguin mascot.

Team Leads

Elisabeth Gagnon
Georgia Collins
Leah McLeod-Demers
Andrew Zhang
Aseer Chowdhury
Liam Marengere
Kally Van Mulligen
Kat Sheppard
Robert Peri
Bobby Graydon
Kevin Dryden
Nisha Malik
Armin Kusmic

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