December 2019 Newsletter

Competition is only 1 month away! Construction of the toboggan and other aspects of the team has begun and the team is working efficiently to meet critical deadlines and ensure timely delivery of all parts!

In December we picked our final patch design and ordered the patches so they will be ready to sew onto our covvies for GNCTR. We also hosted a game night for members to come and hang out so they could learn more about each other outside of school. We also worked on our t-shirt design that will showcase all of our sponsors; that will be finalized in early January. Our next steps are to create and teach our opening ceremonies performance to all 30 members.


The team has finished testing all previously poured concrete specimens for 28-day compressive strength and the final mix design was determined. The female ski moulds were picked up and prepared for the final ski pour. In the new year the team aims to complete the final preparations for competition, this involves grinding, sanding, and waxing the running surface of the skis to increase performance.


Tech-Ex spent December ramping up for a busy month! With our mural and layout finalized, we procurred all our materials and laid out an in depth action plan. Watch out for plenty of events this upcoming month- from painting to woodworking!


In the past month, the majority of the mail carrier costume has been ordered. This month, we will focus on purchasing the remaining parts of the uniform, and creating the vests, and mail bags to finalize the costume. For the vests and mailbags, we will be creating them from scratch. The goal is to purchase raw fabric and recycle cardboard to use where necessary in the mailbags and vests, ultimately to reduce costs and be more sustainable!



The shell is coming along with mould making taking up majority of the month. The mould was outsourced for CNC in layers and then glued together, ensuring minimal gaps between each layer. The mould is now being sanded which will ensure that our carbon will have a smooth and glossy finish. The order for all composite materials has also been placed and so we expect the material to arrive as soon as we finish the mould.


Machining is well underway, with majority of the parts that require welding already completed. These pieces are currently being welded together and we look forward to receiving them back shortly. The rest of the metal to be machined has been measured and cut to size. The team will spend the new year finalizing these pieces by placing necessary holes in the parts. Also, the team has compiled a list of all off the shelf pieces required including bearings, couplings, and gears. These parts are currently being sourced.